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Title of the document : Alicia Araujo's notes of phone calls received from Saliano
Date : between 1966 and 1969
Author : Saliano
Recipients : Mrs Alicia Araujo
Original language : Spanish
Notes : A letter of 9 pages.

The date of this letter is very uncertain, but we can limit it between 1966 (date of arrival of the oommoan letters at the Ballena Alegre) and 1969 (date of the NOUMICON)

The Saliano affair is linked with the Oommo affair, not only because the same recipients received information from both sources, but also because some oommo letters report the dangerous manipulation from Saliano. The documents talking about Saliano have a place on this site, in the extern document category.

You can also read the document E35 which group some notes from Alicia Araujo regarding Saliano.
Warning this document does NOT have an Oommoan origin!
It was produced by probably an Earthling (or eventually by an non Oommoan Extra-terrestrial) in relation with the Oommo affair.
A L I C I A    (not Alticia) This document contains absolutely no symbolic or cryptic characters.
The flowery name of Alicia that I use as a salutation is a way that we have, me and mine, of showing respect towards the interlocutor: in order to give a neutral character to the writing, I use the treatment of "You" (TN: Formal) and "you" (TN: Informal) or "you" (TN: Plural) indiscriminately.

My respectful greetings to you: Woman of the Earth

I wish to expose to you plainly the reasons for this missive, without hidden symbolic meanings, without annoying crypto language, with no transcendent intention of generating confusion in the minds of you and your friends to whom this content must come.

Allow me, then, this simple greeting: Peace and mutual understanding to all of you. Several years ago – few of you were witness to the facts – I initiated singular contacts of a transcendent nature with a man well-known by all: Fernando Sesma Manzano titled symbolically by me: Manzano.

Time has gone by since then: many events have been concatenated in your humanity. The embryonic group that Manzano forged in his day also suffered the mutations of all cosmic entities. Many friends left and others came to that symbolic crucible you call with a word swollen by nostalgic resonance: The Whale.

Around a human being with lively personality traits: Sesma has crystallized a gathering in his country that has served as a center for forging ideas for some, and has been interpreted as a nursery of the alienated for many, and accepted by all as a cosy exotic corner liberating the bitter daily tensions, evasion of preoccupations, rich quarry of hilarious ideas, traits of wit and souk of friendships.

Central character: for you In the sens of "all of you" mysterious, that served as the nucleus, crystallizer of what is called by all THE SPIRIT OF THE WHALE, was me: SALIANO

I know well what has been that ebb and flow of opinions centered on my personality: The mystery that surrounds my actions: The absurd (seemingly) contradictions that ooze from my messages, the strange and nebulous atmosphere that pervades everything related to the most singular meeting of this country of EuropeThe word "Spain" was typed first then strikeout with X, in order to be replaced by the word "Europe". It had to fatally serve as breakwaters that violently crashed against hypotheses and counter-hypotheses splashing their fragmented drops on all of you.

Permit me this once, Alicia that I do not address you as ‘you’ or apply my symbolic denomination: Alticia. If I have chosen you as the spokesperson for this message, it is because I consider you – please ask forgiveness to all – a veteran of this whale: open minded

and noble to objective and dispassionate analysis: educated: without dangerous fanaticism or sterile skepticism , equidistant point between a Sesma who is only carried away by his intuition, eternal rebel before routine logical warps and a rational, cold and calculating Peña who makes object of his mood all that escapes the harmonic mesh of some schemes valid only for the planet that he today treads.

Today, my logic is not directed to men like Sesma, but to those whose logic is tempered to the usual norms of this Earth. I wish to offer you a fragment of the truth expressed in intelligible terms: not symbolic: Not the whole truth: because to speak of absolute TRUTH on a cosmic scale does not make sense: a gnosological interpretation can be offered at a planetary level, of a human group limited to a structure, limited as the earth is, and then an instrument of mutual spiritual or mental communication is needed, as well as is binary logic. But just as a Telegraph Network can be effective on the reduced terrestrial crust however, it becomes a ridiculous and utopian medium of information to imagine copper wires linking the stars and galaxies and then it is necessary to use the vehicle of electromagnetic frequencies, this binary logic becomes invalid in order to coherently explain the Cosmos.

Thus, in using an inappropriate instrument to face the problem of the Creator and his universe, you have caricatured a God and forged an invalid image of the cosmos as a shopkeeper would invalidate the concept of mass if you wanted to measure it with a tape measure instead of a balance or a dynamometer or an accelerometer.

Also, in this way, the concept that you have forged of my identity is wrapped in confusion. Going beyond the frame of reference of your planet, I have to use forms of expression totally foreign to your typified norms.

I wish to clarify to you the genuine reason for my style: I wish to avoid the uncertainty of those who with a noble interest find themselves disoriented by a style with the appearance of the fruit In the sens of "product" engendered by a mentally disturbed person, but on the other hand you found surprising facts, powers that you would call “supernatural or magical”, surprising premonitions that rhyme poorly with the easy and ingenuous image of a genial paranoid, a frivolous joker or a hypothetical scientist interpolated from a children’s film, performing experiences with human brains

This is not the place to reveal who I am and how I am. On the other hand, a simple declaration of identity would be so sterile that it would not dissipate anyone’s doubts. Well, how am I to prove to the skeptics that I am not lying about my self-presentation?

This is an invitation to quiet and conscious judgment: it is an orderly exposition of values and facts that will help you develop a consistent image of my identity. The solution is to find it without coercion: as free beings that are generated by the only Lord of the Cosmos.

Those of you who have lived the days of the Whale could have witnessed realities that would be typified by a scholar: as paranormal facts. The argument is not valid for those who have not witnessed it. There will always be a doubt that the version of such events is a by-product of a neurotic or a joke of worse or better taste. None of you have experienced all these events.

One day: one of you tears a manuscript into fragments and finds it recomposed at his feet in a very remote place.

Another day: before several bystanders a teaspoon is stirred inside a glass that no one could touch at that instant.

Another: a message prophesies certain arrivals of UFOs in waves in South America.

Another: prophesies an event linked to New York.

Another day: dozens of those present (TN: At The Whale) listen skeptical to the clear premonition of Kennedy's death.

A person receives reference to something as particular and private as the biological experiences with rats subjected to radioactive isotopes.

Another person observes in amazement that the enigmatic communicator knows what is in a drawer of his house, or the bag of a third, or the development work of a home of a fourth or the intimacies of a fifth.

One observes that his tie undergoes a strange extortion of location.

Several bystanders contemplate how a butterfly describes a strange flight and alights on the wrist of a certain woman.

A group is astounded when, in the ashes of some writing, the sharp profile of an S and a point appear.

Another person observes as at breakfast, the tray is suspended in the air. And to the terror of his wife and himself, a note written in red characters that says: "Do not tell what you have seen, I Sal."

A second person receives my call in spite of their daughter's skepticism. During the conversation he thinks of a melody and instantly without expressing his desire, he listens clearly.

And I never tire of listing many other events.

All this seems disconnected, enigmatic, the apparent product of a mocking genius who seems pleased to tease in a sanguinary way with an amazing humorous game of simple or cultured people who come intrigued, to the Whale, to have fun or be exceptional witnesses of some of these facts according to mentality or formation.

Facing or interpreting this thick mesh can not be easy. Anyone who makes a small logical building that interprets the phenomenon globally with simplistic schemes is wrong. Confusion reaches its height when analyzed separately, protagonists and writings received.

The flood of messages received by you is of a surprising chromatic richness. There is not even one of you - including Fernando Sesma Manzano who has been able to discriminate, classify and analyze that wave of writings.

My first letters were cryptograms. Some came as Manzano knows, from many points on this planet. Automatically, as they were diffused the inevitable jokers appeared, some of the attendees: sometimes amused by the nature of the meetings, trying at other times to test the ingenuity or credulity of Sesma, and finally taking advantage of a chaotic situation to send letters and pseudo-messages with my style that served as a vehicle for their political or literary religious ideas and to externalize them before the others.

More than once Sesma accepted these letters as good. He has believed that my denial was part of my play of symbolic contradictions. One, for example, went on to make monarchical propaganda and, as for the symbolic space stone Sesma had found a stone in a park decorated with strange signs. He had immediately decided that this stone came from space and that it contained a message from an alien race (ET). Subsequently, many people openly mocked Sesma's credulity, and apocryphal letters about the "space stone" were sent to Sesma by jokers things devoid of value were written.

At a later stage: the prevailing confusion was inevitably increased by the appearance of a factor totally foreign to me and mine, although I was the involuntary reason for these facts.

Certain beings coming from a planet called by them UMMO and apparently dedicated to the sole function of studying the culture and social evolution of this Planet, arrived in Spain: Anxious of establishing contact with people who are fond of extragalactic, cosmic and philosophical subjects, they had knowledge of my identity through the writings of Sesma and naively believed that they could use it as a link with us.

But our own mission has nothing to do with them. Our study techniques are different: our minds analyze the transcendent values of the Universe

through purely mental pathways, while they prospect the essence of beings with empirico-intelective processes. Those beings like those of WAALAA and those of other planets that during these centuries have come to you in their artifacts have a somatic structure with physiological conformation quite similar to that of you humans of Planet Earth and if they have a brain, naturally, therefore, their intellectual processes will be based on neurons, and their biotoheres The spanish word is "Biotoeres" which actually does not exist. It is deduced from the text that it speaks of the foundations of the transmission of nerve signals, something like "bio-electro-chemical foundations" or "bio ejectors" but it is only a speculation drawn from the context foundations would be shaped in such a way that the function of reasoning would be governed by electro-neuronal mechanisms of a binary mathematical basis (because the nerve impulses work at zero or one levels - interaction stimulus/ inhibition). This dual base conditions in you binary logical processes or as you would say: Boolean.

Of course, the beings who visited you overcame such conditioning and their cultures managed to overcome primitive ideological phases of bivalent or binary logic, but their biological conditions, their historical and social evolution is closely linked to these physiological characters.

Many of the beings come to you to study you without disturbing the biosocial process: no desire to intervene at all in the historical flow of the Earth’s people.

It is not my case (and those of mine) I, Saliano have been with you for a long time, and it is not possible to clarify my aims. But I tell you - even if an assertion does not have a probative character – such purposes are analysed with a logical instrument of universal morality, and that your moral codes can be classified in some way into this context - my purposes are not perverse, they are not bad in the simplistic sense with which you qualify Good and Evil. Believe it or not : That is out of my power but I know that in Cartesian logic of Earth I tell the truth.

However, I have been accused, me and mine, to the contrary. The accusation is painful because it is unjust but well intentioned. Its origin is ignorance, the misinterpretation of behaviors. Analyse the facts. (I am only referring to your meetings of the Whale. I can not tell you about other personalities with whom I have contact)

For some time: This circle of yours on which my breath was inspired, was monopolized by the strangers from Ummo. They used your meetings as an experimental psychosocial field. Among entities foreign to you there is no legal regime. We can not speak of usurpation, invasion of frontiers, appropriation of functions and rights. You were free. SEsma Manzano was impressed by their

messages and their culture and the discussions, readings and debates were polarized towards them. The volubility of Manzano impelled him to dispose of them and come back to me. All this is human in your style. You are the real rectors in the end and I allowed it in this way to be carried out.

Many of you listened to my strange messages later. Analyzed by a normal critic of the Earth, these could be cataloged as written by a schizophrenic or rather by a joker wanting to tease the listeners in a bloody way. A dissonant style with features of humor sometimes outdated, a certain apocalyptic air and paragraphs so absurd that their reading alone caused laughter.

The word Of the existence of the letters from Saliano was out and the Whale became saturated with young men and adult terrestrials who were desirous almost always to spend a few hilarious hours at the expense of believers. A climate of excellent humor enlivened the historic basement. New people became involved with better or worse wit and sense of humor, who grafted their comic comments into the dialogues and monologues of Manzano

My advice to Sesma Manzano to limit his audience would not be heard. The danger that some of you risked in reviving such messages to unprepared men and women were underestimated. My exhortations to speak of what cosmically constitutes my sphere before the journalists, of events, who, with some exceptions, are usually beings of low mental and intellectual level, barely in some cases and only after great insistence did they find echo in the will of Manzano.

And you will ask yourselves, and this doubt has baffled the gullible and the skeptical, what Saliano proposes with those absurd and "aberrant" messages, those strange phone calls, these puns; those affirmations and negative, contradictory nonsense, apparently nihilistic, totally unrelated to what you usually call common sense.

It would be necessary to develop before you the concept of Noumicon The concept Noumicon was later developed by Saliano in a letter that Ummo-Sciences had referenced E36 to understand something related to my enigmatic behavior. I will substitute this ontological outline with similes.

Any of you have been in the field or in the mountains for a few days. Two excursionists meet again between distant places and try to establish a mimetic code to understand each other. It will be easy for them to know that they are going to start the meal, that they are looking for firewood or that it is convenient to concentrate in a nearby forest. Hand gestures facilitate a primitive and simplistic dialogue.

But could they with such a system and without using verbal expressions explain the technical failure of a car carburetor or transcribe the speech of the representative of the Indian Union to the UN?

There is a language among you with abundant linguistic richness that allows you on a smaller scale to use it as a vehicle of ideas. That medium is effective for everyday and topical matters, but the intimate nature of the Cosmos demands a medium of mental information incapable of being expressed with simple articulated sounds, as gestures formulated with the fingers or the hand can not interpret a complex mathematical law.

The simple symbols can not be of any use either because a symbol can quickly translate a voice, an idea or a complex of thoughts and concepts into binary logic.

Only deep strata of the personality (called by you subconscious), deep layers that have not yet surfaced since you are still at an early stage of development, are able to apprehend or capture certain forms of communication not performed sonically or acoustically, nor other physical stimuli of pressure, magnetic or electrical field variation.

But your unconscious minds require a certain state or climate of receptivity, as your space stations require a complicated preliminary phase of satellite dish orientation, circuit connection and startup of servo mechanisms, measurement of atmospheric gradients, etc. etc.

These hilarious states that my writings provoke serve the function of conditioning preparers, for the purpose of capturing my ideas. The profane will pervert the interpretation and just as an occasional peasant observer of the manipulations of an engineer will not be able to distinguish between the handling of a calculation ruler of this one engineer and the evolutions of a wand in the hands of a juggler circus clown, many observers of the Whale can not make a subtle distinction between the easy joke of a frivolous assistant and the seemingly grotesque nuance of a phrase alluding to a symbolic crocodile or a non-existent owl.

Do you think that if my communication with you could be solved with normal lexicon and with a coherent syntax would I bother to write these stupid paragraphs referring to a naked Aurinda with two olives hanging from her breasts?

You must imagine that those questions susceptible of being dictated in understandable binary logic, as is the case of this same document, are certified by me without resorting to lines that appear extravagant.

There is no reason therefore, for malicious interpretations. You are, therefore, not the victims of a nefarious strategy, and even less of provoking disorders of judgment as those of Ummo have suggested.

Citing, I use the other language that seems delirious and confusing, Manzano talks about the game. According to this thesis, a powerful being plays a strange function with hallucinating unknown motives in which you would play the role of mere puppets. Is this correct?

If you were to judge it within your logic NO: flatly NO. For such a game would imply a mockery, an infamous servitude, and some cosmic moral principles trampled or scorned. There is no such bloody game because the ultimate intentionality is good (so described in this logic) and if it exists - it really exists - accidental extortion of your spirits - hence the confusion of my detractors – It is with the intention of reaching a pure and ethically unblemished goal

But in another logic; the words and concepts of Good and Bad dissolve; lacking in value: They do not exist in the sense that you give them, as in a world of machines and robots the legal concepts would be meaningless and nobody could talk about the right that attends an epicycloidal engine.

It is in this context that my contacts with you are possible: if you wish, may be qualified as a strange game. The words mean nothing, and another person would have the same right and reason if he rejected the qualification of "game" to apply that of STRATEGY: or CURE or SYMBIOSIS or NETWORK OF AGREEMENTS. What importance does the sound of a word have?

Is there a danger, however, that some of you who have entered my sphere suffer serious alterations of a mental character?

Yes, it exists and is important: “Manzano” "is for you a witness through the telephone calls to him, I have warned you of the grave risk that a human being runs when his two spheres are discordant. The cosmic or symbolic sphere and the rational or human sphere.

You are men who tread on this soil and you must be faithful to it. As regards your profession, your religious beliefs, your social and political ideas, your technique and you should remain consistent with them. Contribute to the social development

of your community by studying the ideology which is the most rational and sensible and satisfying to the intimate essence of the terrestrial, rejecting the nefarious and alienating political creeds which serve the interests of a few and the privileges of an oligarchy, accepting the most logical criteria of religion and rejecting the accidental or insufficiently demonstrated, collaborating so that your technology serves men of Earth instead of rendering him materialistic.

However, when some of you have certain faculties that facilitate your contact with the Cosmos, you must elevate yourselves above the routine and seek new forms of immersion in a universe that transcends the vulgar images of men of the Earth.

The great danger lies in unbalancing this harmonious duality. And Sesma certainly has not achieved that harmony. He is free. He, the eternal rebel, the capricious rebel, can sink into the abyss. Do not blame me for it.

Others among you: Those who self-judge themselves as intelligent believe that Sesma Manzano and Saliano is one and the same person. They even created naive hypotheses of duplication of personality to explain certain contradictions. This is the best proof of critical insufficiency. The pedantry of dogmatization without proof is a very frequent phenomenon among you. This theory on the other hand is an unconquerable vulgarity. It is the first thing that occurs to any man or woman who eventually reaches the Whale.

And finally the most intelligent conclude that Saliano is nothing more than a fellow man intelligent or less intelligent willing to have fun at the expense of timid or naive participants. I leave to a cerebral critic the work of interpreting this incoherent theory, the amazing facts that some of you have lived.

To you, then, children of the Ballena, my cosmic Blessing: But especially Manzano, Alticia, Nido, Benito, Balbina, Antonio, Pilar, to José’s wife to the Quintana couple, Ignacio, Josefina, Dionysius, Roca, Enricus, Palacios, to the cosmic twins.

And now abandoning this binary logic listen to my short message         S.

I, who came out of Nathaniel, naked before all I found myself. What caresses how many flowers, how many nards and magnolias I received!!! If you see the face of a one eyed cow you ask yourself questions bowing your head and raising your horns towards the sky. Sad, sad is he who without biting his navel, searches with his lamp for his father.