Ummite Physics and Metaphysics
"The Essential Texts"



- Introduction to part two
- Excerpts from the META-SCIENCES website (IBOZOO UU / WAAM-WAAM / BUAWE BIAEI / the BAYODUU / the BUAWA / the OEMBUAW / WOA / OEMII
- Schemas
- Universes, religion and philosophy (excerpts and compilation of letters D52,58,30,29,357,371)
- Excerpts from the Ribera book "les Extra-Terrestres sont ils parmi nous?"
- Univers, religion and philosophy (excerpts and compilation of letters D41, 45, 42, 33, 792)
- History of Jesus on Earth (letter D791 and D491 summarized)



To try to join together in the same booklet the whole of the Ummites letters dealing with these three subjects is not easy matter to achieve, so much the concepts of physics of the Universe, biology, evolution, morals, philosophy and of religion itself are overlapping in the beliefs which they describe.

The Ummite religion is closer to a religious philosophy than of a religion itself. If it had to be compared with "a terrestrial " religion, the example which comes immediately to mind is Buddhism (by excluding the concept of reincarnation).

The most fundamental difference compared to our religions seems to be the quasi total absence of collective ritual and religious hierarchy. Not ritual collectives; not, but a family life which seems to be turned towards the meditation and the desire for acting in the community, for the good of this community. No the religious hierarchy; but in fact, there more closely to look at, their political system basing itself on laws morals resulting from " religious "TAU, one can undoubtedly consider that their leader are in fact the guards of these religious laws, failing to be the priests for it. It seems that only the new scientific discoveries can make change their manner of seeing.

The Ummites, say to us they, integrated the discoveries of science in this religious philosophy. They have of this fact answered the fundamental questions that our philosophers are posed since the night of times, namely; who are us, from or come, where go, why? You will find their answers in the texts which will follow. They seem to have reached a point of evolution where them faith directs their acts for the good of their humanity and the improvement of the two "invisible universes "which control the evolution towards "a point omega "that they hope for nearest possible intention to "WOA ".

It is as to try to give a response to the one of the principal questions as they are posed (see general introduction), that they them also studied, seems you it in depth, some precise and historical points of the catholic religion. You will find in the copies of letters joined also an attempt at their share to restore their historical truths on the life of Jesus and his apostles

You will find phoneme "WOA "in these texts on many occasions. WOA was translated by them, sometimes as "a God ", sometimes "in theory organizing ", sometimes in "pole transcendental of information ". Wouldn't their God be it not simply the deification of the physical laws which govern the Universe? Not, not so simple! Made you thus your own idea... Nevertheless, not to propose a reducing "translation "in this term, we abstained from translating WOA with the wire of the pages.

In the same way, and although we left generally connect the translation of BUAAWA when it was indicated, per "Soul or spirit "; however do not lose sight of the fact that sometimes this term was translated by the Ummites by "conscience "or "spirit ". Here also the translation seems reducing.

This second booklet is the logical complement of the first "IBOZOO UU" and it can be included/understood only in this spirit, i.e. that its reading can be done only following this first booklet. It contains the compiled letters or extracts (D 41,45, 42,33, 792) of philosophical comments and metaphysics (and in particular an extract, which seems extremely important to us, from the book of Ribera), followed by the letter D 791, of which it is refers higher, treating history of Jesus and to finish, a summary of the letter D 491, denouncing substitution in 1928 of true Holy Shroud by a copy.

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